Tumbleweed Realityđź’‹

"Don't worry if we fall, we will never touch the ground." Welcome to the Tumbleweed Reality of a tight beat, me.

*Mainly music, fashion, & quotes. I'm too busy diving for hearts to keep up w/the writing ;)

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As long as it’s beating, you keep going in this life.
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Hair goddess… yep, that sums it up. 
IG: @sergiowonder
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Giraffe by Old-Man-George on Flickr.

I love giraffes.
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Awwwww how cute…
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I hope this happens to me with Kaidan Rowe, Daemon Black, Gideon Cross or any of my other fictional boyfriends. :33 on We Heart It.
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Basic bitches cannot compete
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Lianne La Havas | Odi Caspi
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We love flowers..